Casey Brown | About Me
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About Me


I was born in Queenstown, We were the most remote Family in New Zealand,living on the wild secluded west coast of the south island, living off the grid and off the land:the perfect environment to breed an adventurous mind. I moved to a small ski town in Canada when I was 11. I was addicted to freestyle skiing and any adventure sport I could get my hands on. My dad got me my first mountain bike and my brother gave me inspiration-as a professional mountain biker himself. Since then I have been chasing my dream of being a world class DH racer/health and adventure advocate.

Casey Brown  smashed it and just missed out on the podium for the second time this year. 6th once again, she's on the edge of cracking it.


For me it’s about finding the funnest and fastest way down the mountain, I express my playful personality through the way I ride my bike which often catches the eye of leading industry journalists. My aim is to inspire as I was once inspired, Over the last couple years I have gained experience as an independent racer and as a team player. I have big goals and I’m very determined on reaching them. 



6th DH Rotorura CKWX

6th Fort William WC #2

6th Lenzerhide WC #4

1st whip off Les Deux Alpes

6th DH Les Deux Alpes

7th Monte Sainte Anne WC #5

8th Windham WC #6

3rd Air DH Whistler

1st whip off whistler


2nd Canadian National Champs 

1st Whip Off World Champs 

9th Meribel WC finals 

2nd Canadian Open

2nd Garbanzo DH


4th IXS Innerlethen 2013

6th at Val Di Sole / Italy World Cup 2013

8th at World Championships SA 2013

8th at Hafjell Norway World Cup 2013

4th Garbanzo DH 2013

Whip Off World Champ 2013

5th Air DH


Air DH 4th

CrankWorx overall winner (queen of Crankwox)

Canadian National Champion

6th at MSA World Cup

4th at Hafjell World Cup

7th World Championships